Day 94 of 100 Days to Greatness: Defining success on your terms.


Would you like be able to define success?  Most people simply cannot, and often, they have more trouble achieving their goals because they don’t know exactly what success is for them. With The Success Habits Success Development system, you will not only know what success means to you; you will also know what successful habits are, so that you can create them.  Get a copy of the SUCCESS HABITS EBook; system to help you personally define success and activate it.

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The First 100 DAYS

img_2162The First 100 Days…

“The first hundred days is a sample of the first 100 days of a first term presidency, of a presidency in the United States.   It is used to measure the successes and accomplishments of a president during the time that their power and influence is at its greatest.[1] The term was coined in a July 24, 1933, radio address by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, although he was referring to the 100-day session of the 73rd United States Congress between March 9 and June 17, rather than the first 100 days of his administration.”[2]

What will the first 100 days of your new year be like?  Better yet, why wait until the new year is here to get a grip on it; think about being proactive.  As a matter of fact you should or may have already started life planning for 2017,and just for the record I always start my new year in October and thought I would do something a little different this year,  so; I am opening the invitation for you to join me via blog for a motivational journey to become a BETTER YOU in 2017 than you were in 2016.

I am about to launch a ” 100 DAYS TO GREATNESS” and for the next 100 days you and anyone reading this blog will have access to BITE SIZE  thoughts that if applied, can dramatically change your  life.  These are not new ideals, but ideals that have been used over centuries to create greatness in the lives of others. Join me for  “100 DAYS TO GREATNESS” on November 8, 2016 through February 15th

Simply show your interest in participation by filling in the simple form below and become a follower of this site.  These expressions may serve as igniting refreshers to help you condition your mind for a better year.

Create A Life You Love!

Coach DSA

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DAY 2 of 100 Days to Greatness 


Learn to pick ripe fruit from the wisest of people in your profession.

In many cases, whatever it is that you are attempting to achieve, understand that someone else has more than likely already done it, or something like it.  You must be willing to accept that your great idea may not be as much of an original as you have once believed. DO NOT FEAR, instead think about all the successful people who have left clues for you to glean from that can catapult your success in your niche market.   What you can bank on is that you are unique and that it doesn’t matter if someone is doing, or has done the same thing that you are attempting to do; just know that no one can do what you can do, how you can do it, because they are not you. My pastor would always say “there are people assigned to your voice, waiting to hear from you(Bishop Michael D Franklin).”  Being true to who you are is your best sales and marketing aide; couple that with the expertise of those who have gone before you and you will find success.

Create a Life You Love!

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The Little one who knew no failure


Wow!  What if you were perfect and knew no failure? Have you ever thought about that?

Well… I think about it all of the time. In my business I help people discover themselves in a new way and at levels that no one wants to explore without a trusted professional in their corner.

With that being said, I  always think about the mantle of leadership and the qualities one must possess in order to be viewed as a good or prominent leader.  See, in my business you must be very transparent.  This transparency forces you to know yourself at a very deep and intensified level, a personal awareness that fosters personal initiative.  What I have discovered is that most people do not take the time to truly discover themselves at this level, which is one of the reasons they only experience a fraction of the success that they could be experiencing in life.

Well,  with this blog I will be sharing insights from great thought leaders as well as encouragement  from myself and others in the self-help field, helping professions, health and wellnessLitttlegirl leaders, leadership gurus, naturo-paths, great ministry leaders, and business professionals that have spent their lives just like me; EMPOWERING PEOPLE to become the best version of themselves and create a life they love.

I want you to be like the little one who knows no failure.  Follow this blog for more insight and how to’s on different topics that can enable you to create and build a life you love.

So… what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

You’ve heard that question before but have you truly thought about it?

Have you truly worked toward manifesting the dream?

Make a timeline and on the timeline I want you to put your life from birth to current age.   Make tick marks at every 5years of your life.  Now, with your life up till now in review; think about all the things you really wanted to do but was afraid or didn’t make time to do it.

if it’s just one… well,,, that’s too many.

Become more adventurous and curious about YOU!

****It’s never too late discover how to re-value your failures and create alife you love.

ACCESS SUCCESS “It’s in you”

Maybe you are someone you know suffer from social anxiety or shyness; see how my colleage Sean   overcame his problem and now he is helping others overcome the same problem.

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