Day 75 of 100 Days to Greatness 

Stay away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, small minded people will always do that;  while the really great people make you feel that you can be great also.  ~CoachDSA 

You must separate yourself from the negative people around you.  These people will begin to create pressure on your field of dreams.  Surround your self with like minded people; people who affirm your ambitions and are not intimidated or threatened with your success.  People who are not afraid to dream the dream and then pursue it…that’s who you want to spend time with.  Consider these three things:

1.  Control your self-talk.  Do not fall prey to your inner critic, that willl sometimes agree with the nay sayers.  Instead spend time in the morning feeding your mind affirmations that strengthen your mind toward success 

2.  Eliminate energy drainers.  You will learn that energy drainers are not alway things but in many cases they are people.  People who are not businesss minded may not understand your drive and unknowingly can be distracting you from your daily plan. Stay focus and schedule your down time and personal time in order that you are able to keep your work-mindset separate from your leisure mindset. 

3.  Above all stay Posotive.  Positivity attracts that which is, and those who are positive.  Learn how to nicely silence the negative people by always speaking positive, staying in the solution whether in your personal or professional life.  


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