Day 66 of 100 Days to Greatness 

You want change and you want it now!  It’s paradoxical (or not) that many of you who want change, want to see it right away even though it has taken time, in many cases years, to produce who you have been becoming.  Just like planting seeds, the fruit of your labor has to go through the process of change before you can see the outcome above the surface.  Even then it takes time to produce the fruit of the seeds that have been planted.  Lasting change in personal development fosters deliberate growth when engaged in an effective mental capacities building program.  Some studies in NLP, nuerolinquistic  programming, have revealed that you can shorten the process of change with only one session.  Here’s a thought; the quickest and fastest way to create change in your life is to do something different than what you have been doing. Note and consider this, that the process of change begins the moment you decide to make a change and  it’s evidence will be revealed as you continue the process of personal growth.   Want to make a change? Start Today  

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