Day 65 of 100 Days to Greatness 

Time waits for no one.  “Focus and Follow Through.” Sometimes this is easier said than done; however,  people do it all of the time.  When I work  with clients on time managememt techniques and skill sets, I have them take a day or two,  sometimes a week, for time blocking.   This helps you to recognize where you are losing time meant for productivity.  You should try it.  This allows you to see  how you are using every hour of the day.  In doing this you are able to see your day unfold in 15 minute intervals. This will also minimize the times you’ll hear yourself say, “I didn’t have time.”  It is important that you realize every moment counts and when you have learned how to concentrate your energy on the challenges of the moment and the task at hand you are able to forget everything else and create a space for creativity and inspiration.  Every thing on the todo list has a level of importance, you just have to determine that level.  Time blocking is a great way to refocus and will help you follow through with whatever it is that you desire.  Get more Done.

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