Days 59 of 100 Days to Greatness 

Love is the secret sauce to winning friends, influencing people, and attaining business success.  Here are the “4 Love Commandments for Business Success.”

First love God, just for being God.  Thank Him, the creator, for the gifts and talents He has entrusted you.  

Second, love God’s people.  Ponder this; the gifts and talents of your professional life,  are gifts given you to help support and build others up.  Rather you are an accountant or a minister, your talent has been enabled to improve the quality of life for someone else. I know we don’t usually think about love in this context, but it is a universal truth.  Therefore; I stopped asking people what they do and started asking people how they serve others.  Most people have to think about what I’m asking before they answer me, then they realize I’m merely asking what do you do for a living; i. e., what’s your profession.  

Third, love  yourself.  Your self esteem and self love is reflected by the way you relate to and communicate with others. Love yourself; know that you have purpose and significance.  Believe that you can achieve the internal blueprint that is calling you to success.  This internal blueprint is there to push and pull you forward.   This healthy self-esteem will keep you focused on others, positive outcomes, and not on self. 

Fourth, love what you do.  When you love what you do, love emanates to the others round round you.   The  power of love can open the heart of mankind toward your product, presentation and ultimately you.  

Look at all things with love and find the joy in business  and life success.

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