Day 58 of 100 Days to Greatness 

Rather you are starting  a new business or launching a new product, they both have to go through the same process.  Try this simplistic formula that will help you achieve the dream.  First the vision,  second the blueprint, next the planning, and then the execution.  Nothing happens without vision.  Vision without the blueprint is like a kayak  without a paddle in the middle of the ocean.  The vision must be sketched out in order to gather a team of on boarders to execute the vision and to stay on track  toward fulfillment. You must paint  the best picture and make the project come alive to your audience.  Once the planning processes are completed it’s time for execution.  Think about it…there is no sense in having great vision, effective planning and goal setting, and then no execution; that  would in fact suffocate the dream.  Don’t let your dreams die for fear you can’t achieve them, give them a chance to express themselves in your  lifetime. Start small and end large; remember, from small beginnings come great things. 

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