Day 57 of  100 Days to Greatness 

Happiness is a choice.  It is your birth right to be happy.  Many people report to a job they are not happy with; many more people stay in a job they dislike, not because they can’t do anything else, but because they have gotten comfortable with mediocrity.  You will never find happiness in mediocrity.  Mediocrity will rob you of your dreams, zap you of your zeal for life, and set a limiting budget for your household.  Discovering your purpose and working within your strengths are two ways you can embrace your current positioning as a launching pad.  You can then use your personal time to create a success plan for your ideal career, leading to fulfillment, happiness,    and ultimately a life you love.  Aristotle believed and taught that everything we do is motivated by the drive to experience happiness.

 Ponder this: if you could have fame and fortune or happiness which would you choose?  

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