Day 56 of 100 Days to Greatness 

If you only feel happiness with immediate gratification, your happiness will always be temporal.   Temporal happiness in things will not lead to fulfillment. 

Many of you have set goals for the new year, many of you have not.   When you began to set goals for this year did you consider your core values?  Your goals should exemplify what you stand for.  Ask your self:  What makes you happy? How do you desire to serve humanity?  What is your purpose?   What are you striving to achieve? Why did you choose the profession you are in, or did it choose you,  Is it a calling?  Why do you want more money?  Who are you outside of all the roles you play in life?   Asking these questions will give debt to the goals you are setting.    

Consider this when goal setting.  Decide what your goals are for each area of your life.  Where is it the you’d like to see improvement and where is it that you might need to bring alignment and balance.  Include any areas on a personalized life wheel.  Don’t rush through this process, but ask yourself the questions above as related to each area on your life  on the wheel.  You will have greater success at achieving your goals if you consider your family, your friends,  your company, and others people of value in your life.   Your goals directly effect  you and indirectly effect others  around you.   Examining your your philosophical view of happiness and life will help you identify the underpinning values that influence how you live your life.   Live life abundantly!  Discover Joy during the journey.

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