Day 47 of 100 Days to Greatness 

 Try these 4 considerations to build efficacy.  Your efforts to build efficacy in life and business are perpetual.  These are 4 considerations to help you build and sustain efficacy.  

1.  Master you experiences by planning and preparation that supports goal achievement.

2. Work vicariously when necessary. Take note of what’s happening  around you by observing others and gleaning from successful people in your profession.

3.  Master social persuasion.  Some forms of peer pressure can be positive and instrumental in helping you reach the next level in business, this could be referred to as positive peer pressure.

4. Increase the health of your business. Creative strategies will initiate bigger and greater goals, leading to a more positive bottom line.  

You can produce any end result you fix your heart and mind to, that’s efficacy.  Make 2017 your best year.

#affirmefficacy #affirmsuccess #accesssucess 

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