Day 38 of 100 Days to Greatness

Vision killers: avoid these four things…

I’d like to mention a few vision killers that you want to be aware of.  Success is a process don’t over-kill it.  We’ve been looking  at positive motivation for finding success, and tonight I’m flipping the switch.  Let’s look at things to avoid because they are vision killers. #1 Having no vision at all.  Without a vision you will not find success.  #2 Not assessing your current reality; not assessing your current reality is like not having a starting point on a 1000 mile journey.   #3 Asking how it’s going to happen and needing the answers right away; asking how is good, as long as it doesn’t cause you to give up on your dream  or cause procrastination because you’re waiting for the answer.   Often you will not have the “how” until you brainstorm and think things through.  #4 Making excuses, quit making excuses for why you haven’t found the success you desire. You are responsible for your success and no one else. You must activate the launch button from within and keep fuel in your engine to complete your journey to success.  Avoid these four things and you will increase your odds of finding and achieving success.  

#affirmsuccess #accesssuccess #vision

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