The First 100 DAYS

img_2162The First 100 Days…

“The first hundred days is a sample of the first 100 days of a first term presidency, of a presidency in the United States.   It is used to measure the successes and accomplishments of a president during the time that their power and influence is at its greatest.[1] The term was coined in a July 24, 1933, radio address by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, although he was referring to the 100-day session of the 73rd United States Congress between March 9 and June 17, rather than the first 100 days of his administration.”[2]

What will the first 100 days of your new year be like?  Better yet, why wait until the new year is here to get a grip on it; think about being proactive.  As a matter of fact you should or may have already started life planning for 2017,and just for the record I always start my new year in October and thought I would do something a little different this year,  so; I am opening the invitation for you to join me via blog for a motivational journey to become a BETTER YOU in 2017 than you were in 2016.

I am about to launch a ” 100 DAYS TO GREATNESS” and for the next 100 days you and anyone reading this blog will have access to BITE SIZE  thoughts that if applied, can dramatically change your  life.  These are not new ideals, but ideals that have been used over centuries to create greatness in the lives of others. Join me for  “100 DAYS TO GREATNESS” on November 8, 2016 through February 15th

Simply show your interest in participation by filling in the simple form below and become a follower of this site.  These expressions may serve as igniting refreshers to help you condition your mind for a better year.

Create A Life You Love!

Coach DSA

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