Day 24 of 100 Days to Greatness


Delete and reprogram, the subconscious mind stores emotions, memories, expectations,beliefs, experiences, truths, attitudes and habits.  Recognizing the need for reprogramming for different results is necessary for changes that last; even-more, is the need for recognition of the sub-unconscious creative mind.  This sub-unconscious creative regulator helps us maintain sanity  and act upon our beliefs concerning ourselves.  This is why positive thinking is great but if you do not create new neurological pathways lasting change is not the result of your efforts.  This level of subconsciousness is what keeps you consistent  with the imagery you project.  This level of subconsciousness is the mediator of conflicts and problem solving when any given situation does not agree with your perceived truth.  This is where the “AH HA”moments happen, I like to say this is the emergent knowledge from with in.  Have you ever went to sleep needing an answer to something and you are awakened with an answer?  The “AH HA”moment is a result of this level of consciousness.  When you wake in the morning full of energy, enthusiasm, bright ideas, and a release of disharmony this level of consciousness has been at work, because your conscious will always  attempt to stabilized itself to equanimity.  It is at this level of consciousness where the center of teleological principles for visualization takes place, and where your potential is limitless.   You must do the work, access success; it’s in you

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