Day 23 of 100 Days to Greatness

 The subconscious files  remain active, at some point you will need to delete and reprogram.  

This decade has been the decade of brain research through technology.  The wonderful thing about this is that we have come to understand that we are not hard wired as we once believed and that the brain can create, co-create, and establish new neurological pathways that will get us different results.  With a estate of 100 billion neurons the human brain is capable of storing from 1-1000 terabytes of information on you and your life experiences.  It stores all information rather good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, the cells remember the motions that are attached to a feeling and event.  Yes, they are all there just waiting for the conscious mind to call them forward.  The good thing is that your subconscious stores your “perceived truth” and only stores what you think happened.  Here is where all of your expectations about others and your very own self concepts are forming your beliefs about what your a capable of achieving.  You must modify your ineffective beliefs before your can increase mental and physical performance.  Once you  engage upgraded thinking systems, you will see improvements in all areas of your life.  Do it now “create a life you love!”


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