Day 21 of 100 Days to Greatness 

Beware of scotoma’s.   

So what is a scotoma?  Scotoma’s develop as a result of a preconditioned and learned explanation of what is.   Scotoma is a Greek word for altered vision or blindness.  Everything that you have learned or have been taught has been by way of education, modeling, and/or mentoring.  In other words when you see something, your eyes reflect off the object and then signals the brain, and the brain will interpret what you see based on the recall of what you have been taught.  The danger about scotoma’s is that you always think you are seeing the truth.   Remember we will always respond in accordance to what we believe to be true. People who have a scotoma will not see what others around them see easily.   Just like you’ve been conditioned to see things a certain way, you have been conditioned to believe things a certain way. There is a filter of how you have been conditioned to believe.  Mind conditioning happens continuously, so in order to change the way you think you must get a fresh perspective about things.   You must ask yourself what are my scotomas concerning success and the ability to reach my goals.   Change your thinking to thoughts that reflect positive, productive, and results driven thinking that lead to success.  Be aware (beware) of the scotoma’s.

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