Day 12 of 100 Days to Greatness 

Mindless (unproductive) thinking restores bad habits, while Mindful thinking recharges productive habits

Many habits we possess today have been produced by modeling and habitual thinking. Many estimations concur that humans habitualize 96 percent of there every day life; this is a good reason for initiating proactive success habits. when we start a results driven productively health habit and work it into a free flowing conduit, we are able to reach peak productivity easily. This requires that we let go of stale thinking and habit patterns that become personal-potential blockers.  It helps to think more about the habits that serve you well and produce the out comes you’re looking for. Consider your self-talk and the way you communicate with others. Always be proactive in your approach to revisit, review, revise, and recharge your plans for success.  

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