Day 11 of 100 Days to Greatness

Understand your personal truths and perceptions concerning your success.
All things are possible for the person that can believe they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.   We often look through a glass dimly causing our perception to be created by our limited beliefs.   As human beings, we act in agreement to the truth as we perceive or believe it to be.

To become more productive in life and business, or even more confident that you can maneuver a shift in your thinking. You must understand this simple success principle which is outside of the absolute and universal truth; which is knowing what others perceive to be the truth may not be your truth at all; for example, A friend of mine took a job selling nutritional supplements door to door.  The truth that is known by many in the field is that in selling these nutritionals, it may take three to five years to build a lucrative business.  Her not knowing this perceived truth, she began to plug away and became top producer for her region in a matter of 11 months, making a very lucrative salary.

Thank goodness, she wasn’t aware of the of the perceived truth of others about what she could expect and therefore achieve.  In following her perception and belief about her abilities and personal truth concerning this goal, she found her way to lifelong success. You must believe you can and are worthy of success to have success.  You are only limited by your own beliefs. Now go and make something positive happen.


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