Day 9 of 100 days to Greatness


Every action that is performed today toward reaching your goal, must be surpassed tomorrow. ~revised from Mandino

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That’s’ right; the goal is to achieve more than you did the day before. You must ask yourself daily what could I have done better?  For instance, if you make 25 sales calls with a conversion ratio of 10% and you need 5 conversions a day to reach your goals, you need to consider adjusting your daily number of sales calls.  And, because you want to work smarter and not harder, you must think of ways you can increase your productivity without leading to overwhelm.  It may be that you out-source some of the other productive activity to another capable person or better yet, AUTOMATE.   By automating the task that you can; you will find you have more time for the things that require your physical attention. It is worth the one or two hours a week needed to perform the data entry.  Even this can be delegated to another capable person provided you have it in written format.  This would then allow you to allocate your time for direct marketing communication and face to face meetings even if via the web.  Find your success, do it now. Daily self-examination is key.

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