Day 5


Each Day prepare for Wisdom and the Principles of Wisdom to guide you to all truth

I don’t know about you but I can best receive early in the morning. So, by waking early and taking time to meditate you will find that you gain clarity for your everyday life.  Personally, I nearly always dedicate the first two hours of everyday to reading and gleaning from some of the great success mentors and taking note of the truest of all wisdom that is found in the Bible.  What I have found is that many great and successful people think alike; for instance, that all have found significance in the sharing of information and the giving of time. You will always hear a successful business person talk about the person that helped them through the seeking stage of the idea launch.  Each day as you prepare for wisdom you must consider the source. Pick a mentor that is right for you. Someone with the same belief system and above all a similar vision of what success is.  Enjoy your day….what ever it is, you can do it!

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