Day 4


Decree that failure will no longer be restitution for your struggle

A decree is a law that is written and is to be followed by everyone in a certain jurisdiction. Today we are talking about the jurisdiction of you.  When you make a decree that failure is no longer an option in your life plan, you will do whatever it takes to reach your next level of success. If it means doing the work of a mindset re-calibration, you will do it. Changing the way you think can be as difficult as you make it. With Neuro-Linguistic Programming this change can take place almost immediately.  Your mind is ever learning and your brain- cells can hold on to old habit patterns, that if not broken can make you think that once you fail at something the battle for your success is over. You must learn to break free from this illusion and create new neurological path ways. You can do this by creating time for structured topical studies, proper self-talk, learning to build resilience to obstacles, and/or you may want to work with a coach that understands the principles of success, along with the models and methodologies of coaching.

#100Daystogreatness #transformationalthinking #mindconditioning #CoachDSA #DonnaSpeeksArmstrong

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