DAY 1 of 100 Days to Greatness 


Today, begin to heal your bruises of failure and abolish any thoughts of mediocrity.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “analysis paralysis” right; well if you haven’t, live long enough and you will.   When you attempt to accomplish a great task in your life; you know, the task that pushes you to the next level of thinking and challenges your autopilot behavior, you will many times hit a brick wall and when you make impact with that wall it can cause bruises.  These bruises will make you feel like giving up, you’ll even think you have been defeated.  To overcome, you must go through a period of re-calibration to reset your thinking process.  Great ways to do this is by reading success literature daily, connect with people that are doing what you desire to do, and glean from successful pioneers in your industry, via YouTube, Periscope , and even Facebook Live.   I encourage you today to begin to heal the bruises that failure has left so that the fear of failure will not keep you stuck and in a cycle of destruction, and always remember one person’s failure is another’s success.  Failure is only failure if you didn’t learn from it.

Create a life you love~ CoachDSA

#100Daystogreatness #prolificempowerment #mindconditioning #coachDSA 

Inspired by Og Mandino

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