Get more out of life

“Too Busy” is the way that many people describe their lives. What about you? Do you find yourself daydreaming about things that you would like to accomplish but don’t? Do you find yourself stretched in too many directions by the demands made on you, by others? Do you find that you are just tired of juggling your many roles and responsibilities?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then keep reading.

In today’s world, life is busier than ever. But often, in our pursuing a life of fulfillment, we seem unable to accomplish those things  that are the most important and meaningful to us. Our lives’ seem controlled by outside forces. Family, work, community, church and friends compete for our attention.  Maybe you have unclear expectations?  You see, unclear expectations lead to misunderstandings, confusion, anger, and disappointments. Precious resources of time, money, and energy are wasted. With hundreds of choices facing us daily, what can be done to maximize the use of our valuable time?

GOAL SETTING….we all have been to the school of goal setting haven’t we?  Then why are we still leading lives that create havoc, leave us little time for family, and weigh us down with burdens from day-to-day?  When setting goals and boundaries can cure the lack of balance than seeks destroy your motivation and ability to enjoy life.

Setting goals in a thoughtful, reasoned manner is one ways to guarantee that you get the results you want. Establishing goals is a way to sort out the many choices confronting you. Using a process to set goals helps you, prioritize the areas and activities that concern you. A systematic look at goals lends balance and perspective’ to the use of your resources.

Make sure you use these 5 guidelines for Effective Goal Setting:

Plan Computer Keys As Symbol for Mission And Goals
Effective goals are set in a thoughful and reasoned manner~ CoachDSA


#1 Effective Goals should be written but they also should be written in specific, measurable terms

#2 Effective Goals can be visualized

#3 Effective Goals have realistic dead lines that foster achievement

#4  effective Goals are manageable and analyzed for potential threats with action plans to eliminate them.

#5  Effective Goals must reward you with value in a particular area


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