The Prolific Empowerment Blog

The Prolific Empowerment Blog is about reaching individuals where they are and helping them become their best selves.  You will be inspired to create a life you love.  If you are striving to improve your quality of life and move forward to create something beautiful in life and living, then this blog is for you.

Coaching is the art and skill of helping a person interpret their own internal dialog.  Prolific because once you dig into the well of potential inside of you, you will be inspried to discover more about your purpose, destiny, and  mission for life.  You will find a wellspring of joy, strength, and abundance for success in your Relationships, Careers, and Personal Well-being. img_2188

Empowering because coaching is liberating and when done correctly gives you the power to succeed in your endeavors.  So many people toss the word “Empowerment”around  and do not truly understand that the Empower-er gives his power to the coachee by helping them grow with emergent knowledge.

This blog is about sharing with you, what I’ve learned through experience and education; along with the  knowledge of experts covering many topics that you love to read about and hear about.  This blog offers tools you can use, many free of charge to help you organize, redirect, and create a life you love whether personally or professsionally.

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Donna Speeks Armstrong

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