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Surely by this time in life you have set specific goals for your work and you have some ideas for accomplishing them. But how do you decide what to do first?

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“Prioritizing correctly can help make your life more enjoyable” –CoachDSA

A measure of your effective­ness is how skillfully you are able to establish your priorities in order to progress toward your goals. With many responsibilities and activities demanding your attention, you need a way to determine which goals receive the investment of your time and your energy. Only with a practical system for setting priorities will you be able to concentrate on the tasks for reaching your goals.


Problem: You return to your office and find ten telephone messages, and you have only thirty minutes in which to return the calls.

Solution: Rank the calls in order of importance so you make the high-impact calls first.

A rational system evaluates facts, is easy to use, can incor­porate flexible criteria, and is accurate. Remember the 80-20 rule: Of all the things you could be doing to reach your goals, it is likely that about 20 percent of your current effort yields 80 percent of your results. So, there is a good reason to work smarter.



Get more out of life

“Too Busy” is the way that many people describe their lives. What about you? Do you find yourself daydreaming about things that you would like to accomplish but don’t? Do you find yourself stretched in too many directions by the demands made on you, by others? Do you find that you are just tired of juggling your many roles and responsibilities?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then keep reading.

In today’s world, life is busier than ever. But often, in our pursuing a life of fulfillment, we seem unable to accomplish those things  that are the most important and meaningful to us. Our lives’ seem controlled by outside forces. Family, work, community, church and friends compete for our attention.  Maybe you have unclear expectations?  You see, unclear expectations lead to misunderstandings, confusion, anger, and disappointments. Precious resources of time, money, and energy are wasted. With hundreds of choices facing us daily, what can be done to maximize the use of our valuable time?

GOAL SETTING….we all have been to the school of goal setting haven’t we?  Then why are we still leading lives that create havoc, leave us little time for family, and weigh us down with burdens from day-to-day?  When setting goals and boundaries can cure the lack of balance than seeks destroy your motivation and ability to enjoy life.

Setting goals in a thoughtful, reasoned manner is one ways to guarantee that you get the results you want. Establishing goals is a way to sort out the many choices confronting you. Using a process to set goals helps you, prioritize the areas and activities that concern you. A systematic look at goals lends balance and perspective’ to the use of your resources.

Make sure you use these 5 guidelines for Effective Goal Setting:

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Effective goals are set in a thoughful and reasoned manner~ CoachDSA


#1 Effective Goals should be written but they also should be written in specific, measurable terms

#2 Effective Goals can be visualized

#3 Effective Goals have realistic dead lines that foster achievement

#4  effective Goals are manageable and analyzed for potential threats with action plans to eliminate them.

#5  Effective Goals must reward you with value in a particular area


The Little one who knew no failure


Wow!  What if you were perfect and knew no failure? Have you ever thought about that?

Well… I think about it all of the time. In my business I help people discover themselves in a new way and at levels that no one wants to explore without a trusted professional in their corner.

With that being said, I  always think about the mantle of leadership and the qualities one must possess in order to be viewed as a good or prominent leader.  See, in my business you must be very transparent.  This transparency forces you to know yourself at a very deep and intensified level, a personal awareness that fosters personal initiative.  What I have discovered is that most people do not take the time to truly discover themselves at this level, which is one of the reasons they only experience a fraction of the success that they could be experiencing in life.

Well,  with this blog I will be sharing insights from great thought leaders as well as encouragement  from myself and others in the self-help field, helping professions, health and wellnessLitttlegirl leaders, leadership gurus, naturo-paths, great ministry leaders, and business professionals that have spent their lives just like me; EMPOWERING PEOPLE to become the best version of themselves and create a life they love.

I want you to be like the little one who knows no failure.  Follow this blog for more insight and how to’s on different topics that can enable you to create and build a life you love.

So… what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

You’ve heard that question before but have you truly thought about it?

Have you truly worked toward manifesting the dream?

Make a timeline and on the timeline I want you to put your life from birth to current age.   Make tick marks at every 5years of your life.  Now, with your life up till now in review; think about all the things you really wanted to do but was afraid or didn’t make time to do it.

if it’s just one… well,,, that’s too many.

Become more adventurous and curious about YOU!

****It’s never too late discover how to re-value your failures and create alife you love.

ACCESS SUCCESS “It’s in you”

Maybe you are someone you know suffer from social anxiety or shyness; see how my colleage Sean   overcame his problem and now he is helping others overcome the same problem.

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The Prolific Empowerment Blog

The Prolific Empowerment Blog is about reaching individuals where they are and helping them become their best selves.  You will be inspired to create a life you love.  If you are striving to improve your quality of life and move forward to create something beautiful in life and living, then this blog is for you.

Coaching is the art and skill of helping a person interpret their own internal dialog.  Prolific because once you dig into the well of potential inside of you, you will be inspried to discover more about your purpose, destiny, and  mission for life.  You will find a wellspring of joy, strength, and abundance for success in your Relationships, Careers, and Personal Well-being. img_2188

Empowering because coaching is liberating and when done correctly gives you the power to succeed in your endeavors.  So many people toss the word “Empowerment”around  and do not truly understand that the Empower-er gives his power to the coachee by helping them grow with emergent knowledge.

This blog is about sharing with you, what I’ve learned through experience and education; along with the  knowledge of experts covering many topics that you love to read about and hear about.  This blog offers tools you can use, many free of charge to help you organize, redirect, and create a life you love whether personally or professsionally.

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