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5 Tips To Overcome Procrastination



Procrastination is among the most crippling behavioral and psychological traits there is. Are you among those people blocked, stopped, or sidelined by this? Perhaps many people are in constant battle with trying to get solutions on how to stop procrastinating so that they can change their operation modes. Procrastinating is affecting everyone ranging from people working in the corporate world, housewives to students.

Statistics have shown that 20% of the world’s population grieves from procrastination and this number has quadrupled in the last 20 years. The major cause of procrastination and lack of motivation is confusion, vagueness and a fuzzy mind about what you need to do and for what reason. If you are serious about wanting to stop procrastination, then check out the following 5 Tips:

#1: Focus on your goals
This is among the effective ways of overcoming procrastination. The more you maintain your focus on your goals the easier it becomes to handle procrastination and laziness. You can maintain your focus by doing simple things that can assist you in remembering your goals several times in a day. Things such as writing a post-it-note about your objectives and pasting it on a place where you will always see. You can also read your goals several times in a day. You can also visualize yourself having attained your objectives. Such practices will help you remain focused to your goals and hence solve procrastination.

#2: Get good night’s rest and Exercise regularly
This may sound like a corny cliche but it’s very true. Research has shown that a human being has more energy, can think better and able to prioritize excellently when he/she exercises consistently and sleeps well.

#3: Set healthy deadlines
When you have goals to be achieved, set healthy deadlines to accomplish them. By setting a definite time frame for yourself, you can curb this procrastinating habit. Ensure that the deadline is realistic to avoid burdening yourself as unrealistic deadlines makes you more prone to procrastination.

#4: Get it done, not perfect
Most people immerse themselves into perfectionism. Don’t work too long to get everything perfect, the idea is to ensure it is done but not perfect. You will have first drafts, in each step then when it’s done you go again editing, refining as you want. Besides part of any endeavor is consistently refining things as you get response on what is not working. Success means getting what is right and not what’s so effective. Therefore avoid perfectionism because it leads to procrastination.

#5: Do something difficult
Hardships and difficulties are inevitable in life. The sooner you get accustomed the better. If you have a behavior of evading things that may discomfort you, then you need to begin doing these hard things. Begin with things that cause small discomfort. By occasionally doings things against your will, you are exercising your willpower and also developing mental toughness to face difficulties when you meet them in your life. This way you will no longer be anxious and there will be no need to procrastinate difficult things.

Follow these strategies and surely you’ll see yourself moving forward in the right direction.

Find More Focus – 3 Tips

img_3084It is not all that hard for you to stay focused and concentrated on whatever you want to do in the workplace or in your life in general. There are many good tricks that you can use to become focused so you can fix up whatever you are
trying to manage.

1. Establish an environment that is conducive to your focus.
Many people often fail to focus because they may struggle to concentrate on whatever it is they want to do. If you keep a healthy environment going in your home or workplace then you should actually stay focused. This means that you have to clear out anything that you know can be a distraction to your work at large.

It’s also a good idea to make that environment comfortable. Keep chairs and other pieces of furniture that you know are comfortable ready for you and anyone else in your space to utilize.

2. Make sure that you prioritize everything that you are doing.
You must be fully aware of how much time you are spending with certain types of functions in mind. You’ll have to think about prioritizing different types of tasks based on what you know you can do first and what you feel you need to complete ahead of time.

You must prioritize everything that you are doing so you’ll control your efforts the right way. Plan your events ahead of time so you’ll know what you should be doing. This will provide you with solutions that are effective and sensible for whatever you want to complete.

3. Understand how you can manage stress in your life.
It’s easy to become distracted by different things because of the stress that might come about in your daily life. However, if you understand how to manage stress then you’ll easily figure out what you want to do with your life at large.

You need to especially encourage yourself to be a little more active and productive in whatever it is you want to do. Think less about what could go wrong in your life and think about how you’re going to use different ideas for what you plan on doing while also leaving in some extra time for work. This can be based on the stuff that might get in the way as you’re trying to do certain functions.

On a related note, think about scheduling some times for rest. If you give yourself a bit of time to rest then you need to think a little more about when you are going to fix up different issues over time. This is to give yourself more of an effort to take care of whatever you want to do.

100 Days to Greatness: Live, Laugh, Learn


You don’t have to be one of those people who continue to fail at setting and reaching your goals. While the self-help industry is set up for failure (because the majority of money is made from recidivism) the actual process of achieving goals is surprisingly simple.

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Day 99 of 100 Days to Greatness: Obstacles are just shadows


What obstacles stand between you and your success?

What efforts have you made to over come them?

THE SUCCESS HABITS E-BOOK success development program will position you for overcoming any obstacle that stands in your way, whether that be your family and friends being less than supportive, personal issues that make you want to put off your plan for another time or anything else, both expected and unexpected, because you will encounter both.

The road to success can be short and full of fun, or it can be long and stressful either way their will be many turns and curves that you will need to learn to maneuver, and you can. This E-book can severe as a guide to help you get their.

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Day 98 of 100 Days to Greatness: ALL or NOTHING?


When you replace your negative habits with positive ones, you see positive change in your life.

If you are focusing on the negative habits then all you do is get depressed and overwhelmed because you see just how many negative habits you have, and that means work because you need to change them.

This starts an all-or-nothing cycle that results in nothing but depression and failure.

On the other hand, if you are trying to add positive habits to your life, you don’t have the all-or-nothing ultimatum. You feel good when you act on your good habits, even if you aren’t perfect at them, and it makes an environment much more conducive to change.

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Day 97 of 100 Days to Greatness: What triggers good success habits? (success keys)


Creating Triggers for Good Habits:

When you do an action habitually that has negative consequences, it is usually because something triggered it

Triggers do not just prompt negative habits. You can create triggers for good habits as well.

With the SUCCESS HABITS E-BOOK  success development program you can create triggers for good habits as well.

In this book, not only will we be identifying negative triggers that prompt destructive habits, but also; identifying, creating and maintaining good triggers, so that positive habits can be developed in their place.

These good triggers can then replace the negative ones so that an entire overhaul of your habits takes place; where negative habits begin to quickly get replaced by positive ones, and you start seeing real changes in your life.



Day 96 of 100 Days to Greatness: confidence and success (Free Report)


Getting the Confidence to be Successful:

People often lack the confidence they need to be successful.  It has been proven time and time again that lack of belief in oneself is one of the main reasons that people fail.

The Success Habits E-book system will help you discover what success means to you, relieving you from the the self sabotaging talk that is usually associated with what success means to someone else.

You will learn how to demonstrate techniques and tips on gaining that confidence so that you have a foundation for success.

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Day 94 of 100 Days to Greatness: Defining success on your terms.


Would you like be able to define success?  Most people simply cannot, and often, they have more trouble achieving their goals because they don’t know exactly what success is for them. With The Success Habits Success Development system, you will not only know what success means to you; you will also know what successful habits are, so that you can create them.  Get a copy of the SUCCESS HABITS EBook; system to help you personally define success and activate it.

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